「The Root」

『The Root』

la Fondation Toms Pauli/ Lausanne, Swiss

20 century artist exhibition 2011
















Nobody "letting a hemp rope become independent perpendicularly" imagines
"The Root" SCULPTURE FIBER, EXHIBITION that a rope stands perpendicularly.
 However, I aimed at there being a cavity in the center of the rope of the physical structure of the rope-NAWA namely five twists, and my doing same quality fiber to a core in the space, and making five strands on a rope and succeeded in using a structure body and the steel tube that it should be as a substitute for one of a same quality fiber core. A trial was the first in the world. It is birth of the fiber sculpture that a hemp rope NAWA becomes to stand independent from a mirror surface stainless steel object .

The rope is weak for a stone and metal; die. However, were you able to construct a stone circle, a huge stone statue, a pyramid without a rope-NAWA?

It may be said that NAWA is flexible, and flexibility, a weak organic thing are strong truly.
Cut off this weak small creature so as to demand it if find high civilization as for the present age; social.
When I wanted to expose a weak thing to light, I let NAWA to be able to handle freely flexibly stand straight for stiffening daringly. When the weak NAWA is a strong unrewarded drudge.

 NAWA in itself rises like a sacred tree and does stand up as a vertical axis to tie the sky and the ground .

When the one watches in a mirror side from different the angle, it appears several NAWA or huge NAWA in the mirror.
Many images are set a root on the earth forever is projected in the mirror.
By the place where the person stands namely a viewpoint angle, the real image of one rope NAWA becoming independent perpendicularly makes a virtual image at will and lets you transform the deep invisible world of the earth endlessly. The sky and the ground which the rope NAWA which towers straight goes through the sky while drawing spiral, and continue to the last in the ground come and go dynamically and are connected eternally.

NAWA is weak, and it may be said that organic matter is original strength.

"The Root" becomes Lausanne state establishment Museum permanent collection, Clare tapestry selection exhibition in France.
"The Root" becomes Toms Pauli Foundation collection after being selected in the seventh Lausanne Biennale 1975.
"The Root" had an influence to bring a factor of the sculpture to become independent for a tapestry on the field of fiber art.