Title : Global Rope Plaza/
Senri Strata Creation Story
Place : Senri Chuoh Center/
Sanchu Pal
Year : 1991
Photo : Takashi Hatakeyama

[This materialized on the basis of the "art scape" proposal on the occasion of the overall renovation of the shopping mall which is one with the Senri Chuou Station and the central park of Senri New Town . The "rope sculptures" born from the thinking that the "village shrine grove" which will revive the spiritual foundation of the locality,is necessary calls on the voluntary participation consciousness of the residents.]

"Global Rope Plaza Senri Strata Creation Story”

This plaza with its theme "The Earth: a watery planet, a living being" was created as a place for mutual learning where nature and culture co-exist. The Earth has reached its present form from the continuous layering of many strata. Re-incarnating like spiraling rotted ropes— NAWA the living beings on earth—people, animals, and plants are also endlessly being re-created and developed. The life giving form of the earth resembles a twining NAWA. The NAWA sculpture, as the release of creative energy by the tectonic movement of the earth, symbolizes the energy of various living creatures eternally inheriting beautiful DNA. I help to create the invisible environment for our living space as NAWA


Do you remember what first made you think or feel?
The Energy of the Spiral, as found in Nature, is rooted at the very
core of Life's first principle— that of growth in all that exists on
this exquisite Earth and in the vast Cosmos.
NAWA- the rope was the first creation made by the human hand in an attempt to articulate the Energy of the Spiral into human terms. NAWA, twining together spirituality, ecology and cultural diversity, is the connection between Cosmos, Earth, all living things and Mankind. NAWA is the bond of lives between Cosmos-Earth- All living things-parents-children and Cosmos as the endless chain.
The Spiral 's sensation of continue motion is invisible, silent and
moves people by its magnetic vibration, mysterious beauty and simplicity. It is called NAWA- Cosmoscape.

During the 1980s and 1990s I moved beyond singular sculptural pieces to create extensive “artscapes.” These were narrative, poetic, educational and expressive landscapes incorporating elements of gardens, plazas, playgrounds and parks, including fountains, waterfalls, green space, light systems, sound systems and sculptural work. These site-specific public art projects serve to transform communities and inspire new hope. In order to make the required large construction works, I obtained a civil engineering license in Japan and established a new construction company, “International Public Art Company, Ltd.” Since I was dissatisfied with existing technologies and construction mechanisms, I invented new technologies in order to complete the “artscapes” installations within budgetary limits. This work has generated new patents and has also, I am pleased to report, helped inspire the resurgence of traditional craftsmanship in Japanese architecture and construction.

"Global Rope Plaza Senri Strata Creation Story” as
the open space that is a public place is a place of the everyday life of people, it must be the space that can cope with the back thought and fold of the heart of the unspecified number of person. Besides, it must be a place causing a fluctuation and an impression of the different sensitivity every day. The public art is questioned about the social nature of an artist contributing to the local making of art cultural environment, an environmental education.







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