[Cosmo of Spring: 1993]「Hill of Aqua Stone Sculpture Plaza」1985「Rock of Water Sprit」1985 Water Fall Garden「Cosmos of Kyoto」1987「Sprits of Star」 1984「Global Rope Plaza」1991

Mariyo Yagi
The digest of art works
Environmental Art Projects

Cosmo of Spring: 1993
Material : Granite, Bronze, Grain Concrete Pavement,
water system program,
Size: 7mx1mx1m
Location : Kaizuka Cultural Plaza,Osaka,Japan

「Hill of Aqua Stone Sculpture Plaza」1985
Material : Kunnamu Black Granite,
Grain Concrete Pavement, Fountain system program
Size:1200 square meter
Location : Tukashin Hyogo, Japan

「Rock of Water Sprit」1985 Water Fall Garden
Material : Granite (weight: 45t ),Water system, low Bamboo, plants, pebble sand,
Size:1000 square meter
Location : Sakushumusashi Country Club , Okayama,Japan

「Cosmos of Kyoto」1987
Material: Genbu Stone, Inpala Black Granite, Stainless Steel,
Glass fiber Light, Fountain system program
Size:200 square meter
Location : Kyoto International Trade Center, Kyoto,Japan

「Sprits of Star」 1984
Material : Stainless Steel,
Fountain system program Grain Concrete & Tile Pavement
Size : 500cm x 160cm x 180cm ,300m2
Location : Itami City Play Ground Park, Osaka,Japan

「Global Rope Plaza」1991
Material : Sisal formed rope sculptures, Earth Grain Concrete,
paint & mixed media, Tile Pavement,
Fountain system program, plants
Size : rope sculpture: 4mx4,5mx3,2m, 2000 square meter
Location : SenriChuo center Plaza Osaka,Japan