Material : stainless steel,hemp
size : 1880 x 600 x 1650 cm
Location : Fujidera city hall



The image born of the life of the Root of things,
What makes me seek the primal image?
The world of the root of things, the tension between life and death.
What controls them? What makes it possible to visualize them?
The strands of rope, one by one,
Twisting ever inward.
A weak thing becoming
A strong thing. Is this the reason?
Rope strands twisted the same since
Time immemorial.
Rope exposed to wind and rain, rope that rots.
Rope that burns.
Thought rope.
I am entrangled in the root of things that is in Rope.

Gen & Gen

The work which received a request in a cultural hall of Fujiidera, Nara that was the ancient capital in where the Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

I made a public art work " Gen & Gen" using hemp huge thick rope-NAWA.

I decided to let it do the encounter of the dual source opposite confrontation that was the organic soft material and the inorganic hard material. I selected the organic soft material called the hemp rope-Traditional NAWA, and for opposite side I selected the stainless steel which was a product of the modern civilization and which made full use of mirror side processing technique most as those days.

" Gen 元 " which I tightened NAWA in stainless-steel objects perpendicularly and " Gen 玄" which I bound NAWA together in stainless-steel objects horizontally and then concluded" Gen & Gen元玄" . It is a twin work.
A form of overwhelming volume weight stainless steel hard, besides, was going to begin to bend by power to vinegar a hemp rope NAWA. Confidence to metal of the strong modern tip that should be firm collapsed and left.
A soft thing inner; pass, and is absorbed to a hard thing for the inner power that twist it, and concentrated. An encounter of two “Yin and Yan” that is strain expresses the world of constipated spiritual power birthing and nourishing all things in a hemp rope NAWA projected by mirror surface stainless steel, the virtual image. A work to have a union image of two “Yin and Yan” and coming at the same time forever while two “Yin and Yan” faces each other.




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