NAWALOGY THEORY by Artist Dr. Mariyo Yagi
The word NAWA means "rope" in the modern Japanese language. Artist Dr. Mariyo Yagi's research brings together the spiral structure of the rope and the linguistic and archeological history of NAWA (Rope). In ancient Japanese language, and still in contemporary usage in the Tugaru region of Japan, NA means "you" and WA means "I". The spiral structure of NAWA (Rope) has been documented in the microcosm and macrocosm of Life and Nature, from the double-helix spiral of DNA to the spiral structure of galaxies in the Cosmos. Patterns of NAWA (Rope) have been found on pottery in Japan from the Jomon period, approximately 15,000 years ago, and the Egyptian pyramids were built with stones thought to have been pulled by NAWA (Rope).

In the words of Dr. Yagi, " NAWA (Rope) is oneness made of diversity. NAWA (rope) cannot be made with one strand; it requires at least two. Its structure is a spiral, having no boundary, no end. Neither you nor I create NAWA alone; we can only create it through intercommunication, inter-exchange and interface with one another. Communication starts from you and I as the first step towards a peaceful world. NAWA (Rope) was the first creation made by the human hand that articulated the energy of the Spiral structure. NAWA (Rope) twines together the Cosmos, Earth, and Humankind. "

The NAWA - a spiral cord - the great link between earth and heaven and all living things lead to a spiritual trip from DNA to the maternal cosmos. It was a trip to realize our origins and discover our existence. The DNA of all living things faces the central axis of hollowness with coiling double spirals.

The NAWA is not a NAWA when there is only one spiral. When two or more spirals face the central axis of hollowness similar to DNA, a NAWA is born. NAWA is spiral energy to connect lives. NAWA is a bonding of spirit between man and nature, between people and people peacefully. NAWA is a lifeline connecting all living things. We are all rooted to Mother Earth by an umbilical cord of NAWA. This NAWALOGY represent its peace.