•Body art of the 1968-72 came to be called a performance.
•I performed a performance in a a concrete reinforcing rod showed building wall of Kyoto University ,TV studio exhibition places in Kassel Pararel Documenta , gallerys, and the shore of Lake Biwa.
•The physical nature, the palpation, these senses became the important element for me. I was not going to produce the completed work in logical consciousness and intention all the time. Whenever the work which rose from an image was created, I wanted to take in whether I demanded why, what in the whole body where a work had been laid from by performing. It may be the growth of the physical sense that I felt to be modern dance in the days of 3 years old.

Nawalogy in a global environment statement. Brazilian / Rio de Janeiro / ground Summit participation. Connect the ropes of old clothes with 100 artists who gathered from the world one by one and make NAWA LINK. NAWA performance to make music with a growl tree (I tie a stick tree to the edge of rope and I turn it with a rope and give a sound) and poetry of Nawalogy to be said to be an ancient musical instrument, and to dance with all artists with NAWA LINK.

Earth below Sky above and Nawa‘connecting them?
in the Japanese language Nawa means rope or super cord.
However in the Tsugaru region of Northern Japan,
NA means “you” and WA means “I”
“You” and 'l' connecting the Earth and Sky - ls this
strong sense of Global Unity possible?
Rope or NAWA is the perfect symbol of strength, unity, and
tranquillity.The fundamental structure of rope like DNA
is that the central axis is hollow, still, and unmoving while
the surrounding masses of strands spiral with great power.
Empty,tranquil and firm a NAWA’S center remains flexible,
free and eternal while life force"? energy spirals around
this powerful yet invisible world of hollowness.
Mariyo Yagi's sublime sculptures pierce the hollowness
within humanity and unite to the source of all existence.
NAWA spiraling through the sky inspires the mind to
remember the power, the purpose, the sacredness of life,
and the great connection between all living things, the
Earth and the Heaven.

References: (belonging to 6/4 for Asahi news paper article 1,992 years:) It is "Nawalogy" dispatch toward an environmental statement - summit by the art: